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fiveacts' Journal
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Friday, January 5th, 2007
3:46 pm
first college hull experience!
pretty good night. i didnt go home with boy which sucked. stolen right out from under me. buh... my little swimmer hahaha. KH look-a-like.... HELLO HOTTEST BOY EVER!
anyway.. i was fucked. the bus ride home was the worst half hour of my life! it was cold, rainy, drunkish... i was covered in beer and ive never sweat so much dancing.

thank the lord! res guy is cool! im moving out tomorrow! i got as much as i could packed. me and suzanne are going to be roomates! YAY!

everything hurts... im really tired.
i dont think im going out tonight. maybe ill watch some oc stuff since the show was cancelled. ill remember the good old days!

i want to go shopping. where is suzanne!? i jst got 600 more in my bank account.
ps next time u guys see me. im going to look damn good! me and suzy... well shes training me at the gym!
Thursday, January 4th, 2007
5:21 pm
finally got a minute to myself
things are amazing up here. im meeting ppl, joining the gym... blah blah. just had my only class for my online course. its confusing.
i have some homework that i might do before i go to the gym with suzanne.
i have yet to meet the terrible roomate. everytime i hear a noise i think its her. shes got gross things in the sink that i dont want to wash, i guess she doesnt wash her dishes either. i hope to god the res guy gets back to me about switching into suzannes room. i want to cook food, but i dont want to do my dishes in that sink with her shit. AND SHE HASNT BEEN HERE THIS WHOLE WEEK. where the eff is this bitch?

i have an aweeesome tech,sociology and science teacher. first thing he said is how he grew up in the 60s, inhaled alot, and still does and if we dont like it, FUCK US ALL! he pretty much loves music more than anything. and in one class... i decided what im going to do with my life because he said weve gotta do things we love and if we love it, the money will come. so its something in producing music. WHOOOO thanks jon shearer! we share the same love for chocolate and slip ons.

this weekend.. i have no clue what im doing. cody said he was gonna ask if he can get a ride up... but well see.

im tired. im gonna go lay down and do my "readings" with a chocolate bar!
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
6:42 pm
Today I'm leaving
This bullshit one horse town
Full of cowboys and indians
Who only have balls when there's a camera around
Where the girls they move to you
When money gets thrown around
Even happiness is using you
Maybe you'll figure that out

It's a long way down
You know it's a damn shame the sun don't shine underground
Maybe that's where it's been
Maybe that's where I've been
Maybe that's where it's been
A long way down

So today I'm leaving
This bullshit circus town
Do you ever get the feeling
There ain't no hole when you're not around?
Where the world it moves to you
When the money gets spread around
Even happiness is using you
Maybe you'll figure that out

It's a long way down
You know it's a damn shame the sun don't shine underground
Maybe that's where it's been
Maybe that's where I've been
Maybe that's where it's been
A long way down
Thursday, December 28th, 2006
8:27 am
ko so why the fuck am i up at 7 in the morning!?!? i went to bed at like 1 last night. IM WATCHING GAY CARTOONS!!!!

i have to pack today... eww.
then i duno what im doing.
i might come back to town for new years, you guys just cant get rid of me.
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
8:51 pm
daddys gone crazy again. oh pleaseeee.. only 3 more days!

i hate myself for going shopping today. i really do. i spent way too much money that i dont have. but.... i guess its worth it, reallly cute stuff. friggin polka dots.

my sister and my family have just made me insane. i feel like im going to get mugged everytime i walk outdoors in ottawa.
i have nothing to protect me except for my damn tamagotchi on my keychain. and my kung fu powers... which totally got me out of one of my whipped creamings last night (my last night of work). oh and my furry boots.
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
10:36 am
how was everyones christmas?! i am finally on my laptop. its still got a friewall that i cant get msn through... ill find it.
lots of clothes, stuff for college, the laptop itself.... i was really spoiled. thanks santa!!!
tonight is my last night of work! ahhhhh! im going to miss it!
someone help me, i cant even find where to change the settings on my firewall!
Sunday, December 24th, 2006
8:45 pm
ahhhhhh im scared. mommy asked me how many piercings i had.. and then she went "how many tattoos?" and gave me the evilist, drunkest, most soul piercing look ive ever seen! "none mom...hahhe, so anyway!!!!!!!!" She knows.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

My parents got satellite? YAH WHEN IM LEAVING IN A WEEK... not very nice. I'm not impressed. and apparently the guy who installed it knows me???? mommy says hes good looking hahaha. oh mom. you are a silly one.

6 days.
Friday, December 22nd, 2006
9:46 pm
i am so fucking tired. shopping all day with mommy was... interesting. people stressed me out. i hate shoppers.

i work alll weekend 7-3 ew.
i have like no christmas... i know all my presents. no waking up early this year.

i think i broke my laptop. well i cant get internet to work and it used to. im so untechnical.

sleepy time.
12:12 am
news travels fast... and all i have to say is: awe... right before christmas?

shopping with mommy tomorrow. im dreading my clostrophoibicness.

nerveser and nerveser everyday.

im full of made up words tonight.

im bored and should go to sleep... ive been up since 6 and its 12;15 and i did not sleep well last night.... but UGH!

merry xmas.
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
2:06 pm
omg 10 days.
wow 10 days from now ill be up in ottawa. im pretty sure everyone remembers me complaining about it being 3 months away and it never coming. where did the time go?
im really not ready. im not packed. everything is just in boxes in the living room. i have no idea what clothes im bringing, what purses, what shoes.
i only know like 6 people. 6 thats it! i guess that means im forcing myself into situations where ill meet new people. which is awesome, because thats what im going there to do.... and to figure out what im doing with my life.
finally medicated.
all i can do is lay around. its weird to be like this. its even wierd that im writing about it... guess that the meds too.
christmas in 5 days. woooooooo. not. i work saturday sunday and tuesday. all 8 hours. BUT THEN IM DONE. ew. christmas. grumpy dad... crazy family...
yup i want to go back to sleep. maybe ill watch a movie or something.
yeah i know... ive dissapeared off the face of the earth.
Monday, December 18th, 2006
11:58 am
soooo my laptop has driven me crazy. i have to do a bunccch of stuff to it. tomorrow morning im going to mommys work cuz they have ppl to help me. should be fun. im not allowed to be grumpy. which will be hard since im workin till 1130 tonight then have to get up for like 7.

i want to have myself a going away party. youre all invited. 12 days. thats it.
i dont think i can handle many more goodbyes haha. i cry everytime.

im getting really scared. i dont know where any of my classes are and stuff.
should go get the mail and see if i have a roomate yet lol. but im in my pjs ah.
Sunday, December 17th, 2006
11:42 pm
Happy Birthday Cody
so today it really set in that im leaving in... 13 days. it was my last shift with morrison tonight... she hugged me and teared up. im going to miss her so much.
alsooo. the schedule doesnt have my name on it anymore. goodbye timmmies. only 5 shifts left.

so i was drunk last night.. very drunk. i cant wait to see the pictures. they should be fun. good on me that i forgot all the cameras at codys.

I PUKED THIS MORNING.. but only the water that i drank cuz i was dying. i didnt even puke on my birthday! good night tho. no fucking way that bitch showed up tho... surprised i didnt fly off that 4 wheeler and kick her ass!

GOT MY LAPTOP! its cute and has a blue casing. umm yeah sweet. i cant do shit with it, im dumb.

work tomorrow will be hell.
Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
6:51 pm
i dont like turning my livejournal into a fucking rip session... but ashely?? ive never heard of an ashley. do i know you? do i really care what you think? no. especially when you have no idea what your talking about..... because i was saying how i DONT want people talking about it. soo i really must need a life... youre the one reading this everyday.
so 'ashely'... go live your own life and get your facts straight before you try to rip me for being upset about hearing about shit i dont want to everyday.
thanks... ashley.
Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
4:44 am
everyones ruining thier lives with drugs. it sickens me. i mean u might think its all fun now but everyones seen it happen... people get too medicated to function.
it starts with pot... ppl always say thats all they are gonna do... then, everyday, then shrooms, then e. what is the world coming to?
maybe everyones just too depressed with their lives already and medicate to feel nothing? either way its gay.
its a waste of money. if u dont think its ruining your life... well if you think its a fun way to pass the time... chill with ur friends.. then it already has. you dont need that shit to have fun.
bottom line. its really dirty and u never know whats in those drugs... you never really know what you're going to do on them.. and youll never realize who youve lost until its too late.
Monday, December 11th, 2006
4:38 am
oh ps. dude man bro
in response.. thanks for the input :) but as i said before i was being sarcastic. i guess computers suck for that. but i want people to stop telling me things i dont care about.
4:26 am
im really beginning to be able to pick out my true friends.
thank god for some of you.
thank god for 20 days left... not even... in like a half hour... 19 days! hahaha!

ive been working all weekend and its getting dumb. im either working or trying to sleep... thats it. this weeek is soo wierd. haircuts. ottawa. shows. work. codys party. should be fun! haah

i got my schedule for college... i dont understand it cuz im not smart enough to understand 24 hour time... but like 2 hours of class... then partyin every night? looks pretty sweet.
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
5:29 am
some fuckers love fucking, more than they like to love
soo i love the days where people come up to me and tell me how well and better off i am doing. i mean like they actually say "at least ur not dating trash like he is" "we wish you two were back together" -------- the thought of that scares me... scares me enough to want to drink myself to sleep. point of the story is: I'm not trash! ahhaha I'm apparently prettier, cutier, non whorisher etc etc etc.

me and mommy, not getting along. im getting the silent treatment from parents i never see anyway... meh who cares. its officially 12: 25 AM so thats like 23 days???

I'm ringin in the new year and starting my new life in the O.T.
but i know you'll have a trick to pull. im just waiting for it.

codys birthday party soooooooon! yay... prolly my last little horrahh before i leave unles i can get something together. i binge drink... like once a month.... so this month.. im kick ass and getting drunk at like 5. anyway, you could be a pussy and not show... id actually enjoy that..
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
3:34 am

Could the next few years of my life look any sweeter!?!

LYN IS LIKE GOING TO THE GONK... THIS SEMESTER... this upcoming one! WITH ME! hopefully. fingers crossed.

THEN, THEN!!!! IM SO LIVING WITH KATE IN THE SUMMER! and then whaattt oh eyahhh townhouse with kate and jeanette next year. HOLY SHIT.

hull for new years is lookin pretty damn sweeet!

omg, so excited i could screammmmmmmmmmm. scream my little lungs out. GOODBYE YOU LITTLE BITCH TOWN!!!!!!

dates with mommy tomorrow for shopping! yay!
Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
4:59 pm
im so damn sick of my job!
less than 27 days till im done working there! whooooo!

anyways, im bored. just watched clerks 2. it had its moments.
waiting around before i have to go to work again.
whos up for chillen tomorrow? im pretty sure im not workin.

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
4:19 am
so omfg i want a wii more than anything. its soooo fun, but the most dangerous thing ive ever been around. im pretty sure boxing actually turned into a contact game. im bruised.
i surprised myself! i kicked codys ass at red steel, bowling and baseball!! and that is why i l-o-v-e nintendo. thanks for being amazing.

work tomorrow and i really dont want to. but meh.

in 45 mins. it will be 28 days until im gone. whooop.

hull for new years might be sounding prettttty sweet.

next week = laptop? i hope to god.
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